The dream of all of us who have blogs, web pages or online stores is to appear first in Google search results.


Surely you have googled your productoo your keywords to see where you appear. Although showing up first is not impossible, it is a task that requires patience, disciplined work, and constant monitoring. Today we tell you how to achieve it.

What is positioning in Google?

Positioning is where your Web in search engine results when performing a search. How many times have you reached page 4 in a search? Probably never. That’s why, in general, the results with the most clicks are those that appear on the first page.

There are two types of results:

– Paid results

They are the first ones you see on the results page and appear with the word “Ad” or “Ad” on the left side. Being paid, they have less credibility, so they do not receive as many clicks as one would think.

– Organic results

They are the results that occur “naturally” in the search engine, and do not have the “ad” sign. The first organic results are the ones that give users the most confidence. This is why they get more clicks.

To appear among the first results, you must focus on SEO but …

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques and tools that are used to optimize web pages so that search engines, such as Google, can read them more easily and quickly.

Basically, search engines like Google evaluate the relevance and authority of your pages with respect to the term or keyword chosen by the user, in order to present the results most closely related to their search.

To reach that desired place, there are SEO techniques, whose purpose is to optimize your pages so that, little by little, they appear in those first locations.

How to get listed first on Google?

In SEO, there is no infallible recipe or pitfalls that shorten the road. However, there is a series of good practices that will allow your positioning to improve.

SitioSimple has a functionality SEO settings”, where you can clearly explain to Google how you want each of the pages of your Web.

Today we give you 6 tips to position yourself better:

1. Know your users

The first thing is to know who you are talking to. discover what needs you satisfy, how they are sought, what competition you have and become the brand they want to see. To find out what people are looking for, you can use Google’s search tools: Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends.

2. Use your blog

Your blog is a great tool to create content that attracts Google by achieving posts with a great natural positioning and that allows you to generate links. If you generate content that is easy to share, users will do so with links included, which will benefit the domain as a whole. Take advantage of SitioSimple plans that have the Blog included and maximizes your reach!

3. Look for alliances

Getting quality links is a matter of relationships, of knowing how to generate an impact on the person we are addressing so that they want to follow us, link with us, befriend us.

4. Branding and more branding

Remember that SEO traffic by terms with your brand name is also natural positioning. Having a strong brand will not only make people look for you more, it will make you a trusted source and increase the click-through rate of your results and the chances of them being shared and linked.

5. Think about dominance

Force yourself to think globally: natural positioning is no longer about the content on a page, but about the domain as a whole. No matter how good the content and very good metrics it has at the page level, the domain is key when it comes to positioning yourself.

#ExtraTip: Remember that you can point more than one domain to your site. You can choose, for example, a generic and well-known domain like .com and one like .online to position yourself better in keyword searches.

6. Pay attention to your Social Networks

Natural positioning depends largely on the impact you get on social networks, mainly because it allows you to establish relationships, it is a positioning factor in itself, it confirms the profile of links and it gives you visibility and branding.

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