For those of you not blessed with naturally curly hair, ringlets can be made using a curling iron, hot rollers, or foam curlers. It doesn’t matter how you create your ringlets, but it is worth the effort to keep them looking their best once you have. Here are eight suggestions to help you care for your ringlets.

Protect your hair before curling.

Various products can be used directly on wet hair to prepare it for curling. A protective serum is important when using heat to create ringlets and using foam mousse will help condition your hair and increase hold later on.

Curl your hair only after it’s completely dry.

Wet hair will not hold a ringlet and damp hair isn’t much better. To ensure that your ringlets are longer-lasting, completely dry your hair before starting to curl it.

Properly portion your hair white curling.

Portioning your curls into smaller amounts will allow your ringlets to last longer. It’s also recommended that you make the curls tighter than you actually want them because loosening will ultimately occur.

Use quality products to hold your ringlets in place.

A quality hairspray will go a long way in caring for your ringlets. Extra hold and weather-resistant sprays are best, but if you are using heat to create your ringlets, a good heat-activated hairspray could be worth the investment.

Avoid brushes when styling your ringlets.

Only use your fingers when styling your ringlets, because a brush or comb will just separate the curls and lead to frizzy hair. If for whatever reason you must use a brush, make sure it’s a hair pick.

Be weather conscious while wearing ringlets.

To keep your ringlets looking their best, avoid adverse weather conditions. Humidity and wind will cause your ringlets to fall and become frizzy; rain will completely wash out your curls when unprotected.

Avoid rough housing and strenuous activities.

Actions like roughhousing and other strenuous activities are sure-fire ways to lose your ringlets. Too much hair shaking or direct contact should be avoided whenever possible.

Keep a small bottle of hairspray with you for touch-ups.

Some of your ringlets are bound to loosen and fall. For quick repairs, simply wrap any loose curls around a finger, lightly apply hairspray, and let dry. It won’t be perfect, but it should hold well enough for a quick touch up.
Because it can be time-consuming to give yourself that highly sought after ringlet took, it’s important that you properly care for your ringlets so that they can keep looking their best. With a little extra care before, during, and after you curl your hair, you’ll be sure to amaze yourself and others with your long-lasting and beautiful set of ringlets.


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