As we told you a few weeks ago on our blog, implement Google my business offers multiple advantages to your business or company.

So that you can get the most out of your account, we have implemented in SitioSmple a new functionality that will allow you to display on your Web the opinions that your customers have left, so that you can provide confidence about your products or services and the quality of your attention.

In this note we will tell you how to do it, and we will review some important concepts of Google My Business or Google My Business (GMB).

How the ratings will look on your website

The opinions, as you can see in the images below, will be shown as Google does, in the place you choose on your website.

How to insert reviews

Insert the Reviews Component

In your Simple Site Manager, you will see that we have added a new button, within the “Social” category, called “Google Reviews”

social site simple

Once there, drag the component to your chosen page.

Complete the information

When you edit the component, this screen will appear

edit google reviews

The easiest way is to fill in your Google Place ID, which is long multi-character code. To know it you must enter this page “Place ID Finder

There you simply search for the name of your business, and you will be informed of the code. You can copy and paste it in SitioSimple, and it will be ready.

“Enter the URL” is another form that you can also use, for this you have to enter the screen of a new opinion, and copy the URL.

Entering the minimum grade is critical! In order to avoid showing occasional negative opinions that you may have on your website.

What happens if you don’t have a Google My business account yet

You can create it from here from your pc, and you can also download the App on Android or Apple.

You will need to prove ownership of your business to Google. In most cases, it is done with a letter with a verification code that will arrive at your address in 15 days, although in some specific cases, such as when Google already has your phone registered, it can be resolved with a simple phone call.

What if the account exists, but you don’t have the property?

It is also possible that your account already exists, but that you have not created it. Google has registered multiple accounts based on credible databases.
If this is your situation, we recommend that claim your account by following these steps

It will be of vital importance so that you can answer opinions, make publications or upload your photos.



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