Did you know that with your domain aimed at Simple Site can you create unlimited email accounts? Doing so is very simple. Here we tell you the step by step so that you can start today with your professional email.

How to point a domain?

1. In the control panel of your SitioSimple click on the “Domains, Post Office” tab and then on “Point Domains”.

2. Enter your domain name. The system will automatically verify its availability.

3. By pressing the button «APPOINT DOMAIN», the domain will be associated with your SitioSimple and your visitors will be able to access your page from it. If you already have a domain, you can add it by clicking on the corresponding option (from the legend “Or add a domain you already have from here”)

How to create email accounts?

Remember that you can create unlimited accounts and redirect all the emails that arrive to each of your created accounts to your personal mailbox.

1. For this you must go back to the “Domains, Post Office” tab and then to “Email Accounts”

2. Click on the button «CREATE EMAIL ACCOUNT». Please note that the password for the account must be at least 8 characters long, with uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

3. After having completed all the data, end the process by clicking on “SAVE CHANGES”

* If you want to redirect the emails that arrive to your created accounts to your personal email, you will have to enter each of them by webmail and in the “Settings” tab, establish one or more forwarding addresses.

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